Artist Statement

I have always been an observer of not only the physical world but also of emotional and spiritual elements.  I find it satisfying and meaningful to work through life’s deeper issues in a tactile way.  My background in Radiology has given me knowledge of the human form and therefore most of my work is figurative. I have chosen to sculpt in stone because I enjoy the synergy of expression it conveys.  I have a deep respect for the history of the material and an appreciation for the aspects that it contributes to my work

I usually begin a piece with a desire to express an idea or emotion. The stone is chosen for it’s posture or sometimes it’s color.  The shape of the stone as well as its natural color movement will influence what form the sculpture takes.  I enjoy the challenge of working within the parameters of a stones natural shape and consider a piece to be finished when there is a harmony between my voice and the stone’s expressive qualities.   The finished piece is the evidence of my interaction with the ancient material and thus a collaborative effort of expression. The process is very spiritual as well as physical; the finished piece always has many interpretations to me because the form communicates to me on many levels .Therefore the name is selected from many after it is completed. | home | bio | photos | news | contact